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Sunkist Orange Pulp Tea

Fully orangish taste comes from the lots of orange pulps.
Sweet and sour passion fruit is added,
producing sunlight and summer flavors in each mouthful.
The corners of your mouth are raised! There’s a beautiful arc shape on your mouth. Wear a CC smile everyday!

Taiwanese Orange Pulp Tea

Orangish fresh drink is filled up with abundant vitality.
It is mingled with the refreshed aroma of slightly sweet tea.
A perfect golden proportion is collected on the tip of tongue.

Grapefruit Pulp Tea

The drink is a fairyland with plenty of fresh grapefruit pulps.
Each mouthful contains super abundant energy.
Great mouthfuls of enjoyment give you great satisfaction!

Kiwi Fruit Green Tea

All fresh green soldiers fall in!
Here’s a full cup of nutrition and good taste.
It’s a combination of heartfelt sweetness and new taste.
The freshness really bombs your taste buds.
Fresh Every Day!