2017 is coming to an end

2017 is coming to an end

🎆2017 is coming to an end.  Let’s have a countdown to New Year 2018! 🎆

New hopes are made on New Year.  On the last day of the year, let’s have a flashback of the events of the year.

Are you thinking about what you want to eat or drink?  What drinks have you thought of?

(I just want to eat and drink! 🎆 Nothing Is Bigger Than Eating.)

If you could think of nothing, it doesn’t matter!  Let’s make arrangements for 2018 ~ Everything is a new beginning 🎆

Come over here to buy you a MACU drink.  It will accompany you on the last day of the year 🎆

Remember to bring one more MACU drink to the person you want to stay with today ~

# Happy New Year

# Sunkist Orange Pulp Tea

# Kiwi Pulp Tea

# Plenty of Pulps