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Your Preparation for Franchising

  • 1.  The franchisee has to take part in the educational training in person, and has to pass the examination.
    2.  Has to be involved in and fully focused on the operation.
    3.  Has to be aged 24 ~ 40 (male franchisee has to be discharged from military force), and graduated from senior high school or vocational high school or above.
    4.  Has to receive professional educational training offered by MACU, Headquarters for 30 days or 240 hours, and has passed the examination.
    5.  Another four staff also have to pass the examination before being allowed to open a branch store.
    6.  Has great interest in tea drinks business, and identify with the brand, products, enterprise culture and operation ideas of MACU Tea Shop.
    7.  Possesses the following personality traits: being enthusiastic to serve people, optimistic, proactive, self-confident, and ambitious; and has good credit history.
    8.  Be willing to cooperate with the guidance, management, operation strategies and concepts of the franchiser, Headquarters.
    9.  The branch store and the surrounding environment have to be evaluated by MACU before official operation.
    10.  The raw materials and supplies have to be purchased from MACU Tea Shop or from the suppliers designated by MACU Tea Shop.

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