Brand history 128*128


A.D. 2008

With the spirits of environmental protection and love for the Earth,

the first established MACU Tea Shop was Chongde Store,

selling the self-developed healthy fresh fruit tea drinks.


A.D. 2010

Overlord cup was launched. 

Very soon it was extremely popular in the market,

and became the hottest drink among customers.


A.D. 2011

The 2nd generation branch stores were established with a changed style. 

Franchising was open to the public. 

For stable development of the business, there were 3 franchised branch stores opened.。


A.D. 2012

A drink “KiwiPulps Green Tea” was launched, and became highly popular.


A.D. 2013

MACU Bottle, with the characteristics of environmentally friendly, well-designed,

aesthetically-appealing and easy to carry with, was launched. 

Customers reusing the MACU Bottle to buy a tea drink could enjoy $10’s reduction. 

This was a super favorable, eco-friendly and innovative campaign in the industry of handmade drinks.

A.D. 2014

Expansion of stores was planned in the potential districts in Pingtung and Tainan. 

There were 1 store opened in Pingtung, and 2 stores opened in Tainan.


A.D. 2015

There were 2 stores opened in Taichung, and several more stores successively opened in Pingtung and Tainan. 

MACU also successively took part in different charitable events, such as the marathon, concert, etc.


A.D. 2016

A store was opened in Fengjia Shopping District, a notably prosperous district in Taichung. 

The first Northern Taiwan branch store was officially opened in Banqiao, New Taipei City. 

In the same year the “first” branch stores were also opened in the three places of Chiayi,

Changhua and Hualien respectively.


A.D. 2017

The first Taipei City branch store was officially opened in Xinyi District of Taipei City. 

The style of the branch store was tremendously modified to be the style of the 3rd generation branch stores. 

MACU’s fruit tea drinks being popular for years was officially renamed as fruit pulp tea drinks. 

Right then there were over 100 MACU branch stores in Taiwan. 

At the end of the year the first branch store of Mainland China was officially opened to welcome the Chinese consumers.