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Persistent in giving fresh taste
in each mouthful.


Persistent in giving fresh taste in each mouthful.

MACU Tea Shop was founded by Miss Shiu-Juan Jian. 

Originally working in the medical industry, Miss Jian deeply understood the importance of healthy life to human beings.

She took fresh fruit tea as the main appeal of drinks, and established MACUTea Shop.  With a strong persistence in fresh taste, she strictly controlled different kinds of food ingredients. 

She put her enthusiasm for life into each tea drink she made.  She hoped to share with everybody the healthy andfresh life experience.


Ever since its establishment from the very beginning, MACU successively experienced several great crises of raw material, such as juice concentrate, plasticizer, poisonous starch, etc. 

Thus, MACU all the way insists on sticking to its original intention of using fresh, healthy and natural food materials. 

Upon ordering of a drink by a customer, a whole fruit is instantly cut and pressed as juice to blend with tea, making the drink appear in a natural color. 

Customers are able to taste the rich freshness of the drink. 

The tea leafs used are the whole-leaf tea of the strictly selected and most excellent winter tea and spring tea. 

MACU also uses the natural fruit grown by the contractual local farmers, promoting the amazing agricultural products of Taiwan, and meanwhile, letting customers enjoy the drinks with ease.


Sticking to our original spirits, MACU provides the best quality to customers, and this is our greatest commitment to customers. 

We shall continuously launch new drinks and add a sense of modern chic to our products.  MACU mustbe able to stay on the top in the market of tea drinks.