Brand Origin 128*128

In 2008 MACU Tea Shop was established in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

MACU Tea Shop was the first beverage store in Taiwan selling fruit pulps drinks series.

The special tea drinks, filled with rich fresh fruit flesh and giving customers a unique taste, swept through the whole Taiwan. MARCU really explored a new trend in the area of tea drinks. Not long after that, MACU even launched the color-addictive-free “golden boba bubbles”!

They were matched well with the rich-flavored latte series tea drinks.  Very soon the new drinks even became the most trendy and most popular drinks!

All through these years, MACU Tea Shop has been advancing in stable steps and opening new branch stores all over Taiwan. In 2017 MACU brought the special fruit pulps drinks with uniquely fresh mouthful feeling to different foreign countries. MACU intends to share with the people of different countries all over the world the fruit fun and light life experience of MACU.